Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here is an old old Man's Last Great Invention recording originally intended for use under the name Atemzug (a German word for breath.) Pieces of the video come from archived video ( and film/video by my wife, Elisabeth Reinkordt, further manipulated by my newbie Final Cut skills. In musical and video creations, as well as in their integration, I prefer to have little direction in mind and to let the creation be as it is. I piece things together that I like and allow the mistakes to add just as much emphasis to the whole as the moments which seem perfect to me. Those perfect moments are what I live for. They become treasures because they are so accidental, and so I also have learned to value the mistakes as highly . There is a point in this sound piece at which my initial reaction is to maybe cut it out because it sounds like my hands were cold or I was learning to play the guitar for the first time. Instead, I have left it for those times when, for various reasons, my breathing was not so relaxed or fulfilling in life.

Atemzug from Anderson on Vimeo.